St Lawrence Church Bradwell

Next Church and Churchyard Work Day:

Plans to redecorate the annexe    
As you may know our plans to redecorate the church have been put on hold pending further investigation of the cracks in the south aisle wall.  However it would be possible and indeed desirable to repaint and improve the annexe.  The church council has agreed that we should do this at the earliest opportunity.
The work will include replacing the six vertical blinds and possibly the carpet as well, and will therefore amount to a fairly large expenditure.  We do have funds reserved for the redecoration, but need to conserve what we have for contingencies and the repairs of the cracks in the south wall that were not included in the original quotes.
We would save several hundreds of pounds by doing the work ourselves, but we do need your help to do this.
Do you think you could help in some way?  We need volunteers to do everything from emptying bookcases to painting the walls, but we will need the commitment of several people to make this work.
Please consider if you can find the time to help with this project and if you can commit please add your name to the list of volunteers, which you will find on the notice board in the annexe.
At the moment there is no date for starting the work because we will pick a time that best suits the people involved.  However, we would like to complete the redecoration as soon as possible in the new year.
If you would like more information please speak to Peter or one of the church officers.     Thank you.

For more info please contact Peter direct or through the website Contact Us