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Roof & Refurb Progress

In the past week (16/06/2019) we heard back from our Faculty Application for the nave roof repair. The outcome is a refused permission for replacing the undamaged lead roof, but permission to proceed with repairing the damaged side with what is called terne-coated stainless steel (like the porch and the south aisle). We are seek to appeal against this recommendation by Historic England on the grounds that the roofs of St Lawrence are ‘a patchwork quilt’ at the moment, and to replace the whole nave roof with steel would enhance, not detract, from the appearance of the church. Pray that our appeal may be sympathetically evaluated.

On the morning of Friday 21st September 2018 lead was stolen from the roof of our loved Church St Lawrence in Bradwell.

Temporary measures to secure the roof with plastic sheeting has been made. A replacement will have to be made. Unfortunately the cost of lead is high and replacement will exceed the insurance many times over.

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Roof Refurbishment   Roof Refurbishment