Green Church

The wild area along the northern boundary has been encouraging wildlife. A lot of ladybirds have been seen with all the aphids. Recently children were asking what the stripped caterpillars were, which Paul was able to say was the Cinnabar moth. Painted Lady butterflies have also been there as well as regular sightings of a Green Woodpecker. There was a tree Bumble Bee nest in the wall but they have since moved on. The Bee House was reinstalled after the tubes were pulled out by a Magpie convinced there was something in there. Paul has been doing his best to keep the new trees watered. They will look at tidying up the area at the side of the annexe later in the year and ask if they can plant pollinators such as lavender and only leave the lower part of the boundary natural to encourage wildlife. Underlying our faith in God who made the world loves it and entrusts it to us.


The Wildflower patch in the churchyard has been vandalised three times. Therefore we have decided to only sow wildflowers near the north boundary. This may be less successful as much of the ground consists of wood chips from the felling of the Holm Oaks.

Plans are in place to replace the few hedge plants that have died. Three bat boxes have been purchased and need to be attached to the trees at a height to avoid vandals. However this will require a ladder, hopefully borrowed from someone living nearby. Consequently I understand a Risk Assessment needs to be done.

We have not yet made a notice explaining our Green policies for the churchyard and there appears insufficient room to put a notice in the noticeboard near the gates.

Green Church Group