Give thanks

  • Please continue to pray for those who work in the health services, especially those who are being deployed into new roles
  • For those in other frontline roles – keeping our shops stocked with goods and safe to use, keeping services for the vulnerable running, the Food Banks, and in many other ways, seen and unseen.
  • For those who will be missing cherished traditions and gatherings, especially those who are lonely.
  • For those who are ill, with the coronavirus and with other ailments, that they would know God’s presence and comfort.
  • For all of us, that we might be able to show and share the light of Christ – the light that cannot be put out – in all the places and to all the people for whom the world is a darker place at the moment.


We pray for all those who are brought to our immediate attention each Sunday and all those whose names are on our long-term prayer list.

We remember the families and friends of all those recently bereaved; may they know the comfort and consolation of God’s love.

Contact Beryl for changes to the Prayer list Contact Us if you don’t have Beryl’s details and we will pass them on


Each Sunday and in our weekly Noticesheet we have Prayer Pointers from members and ministers to bring prayer to our attention. These change each week.

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” (Genesis 8:22) Give thanks to our unchanging God for the colours of autumn and the changing of the seasons.

Please pray for

A new set of prayers are given each Sunday at church.

The mission focus for each month see the mission page to find out this months mission focus.

Read up too about Paciencia Zalimba Feriado. She’s 11 and lives in Mozambique. She is God’s Gang’s sponsored child (through World Vision).