JAM club

Jam Club Started back last week where everyone had great fun and enjoyed themselves. As you can see from the picture string was used to link everyone. The thought for the evening was ‘We are all linked in one way or another. Even if the link gets tangled, there is always a way out if you trust in the Lord.’ Rebecca.

JAM Club


On the Wednesday morning before Easter we had lots of fun at church with some Easter crafts and Easter garden making. The children went on search for things outside that they could place in their garden. They all worked well together with lots of laughs as well as talking about the real meaning of Easter. 

We ended our morning by decorating hard boiled eggs and then ventured over to castle hill where we all rolled our eggs down the hill.  They all got very competitive at wanting their egg to roll down first!! If I’m honest not very many eggs survived their rolling journey!! 

Great thanks goes to members of the coffee morning as the children did enjoy squash and a few biscuits after while the adults welcomed a nice cup of tea!!!  Lots of fun had all round at this special time of year. – Rebecca

children at easter