We are called, as are all Churches, to carry forward the work that Jesus Christ began in all aspects of the life of people in society. Jesus said to those who followed him ‘As the Father has sent me, so do I send you.’ This is our mission.
These are the values we are setting ourselves. We aim to be: Worshipful  : loving and honouring God Evangelistic  : sharing the good news of Jesus Loving Community-minded  : helping the place where we are Outward-looking : caring about people whether members or not Multi-racial : the Bible says we are ‘all one in Christ’! Ecumenical : Christians from different denominations and traditions working together and welcome people whatever their background mission focus
BRADWELL CHURCH – Mission Focus and Mission Giving
Each month we have mission focus for our giving, often out of the weekly collections but sometimes we have a special fundraising. Click on the links below to find out more about the mission.
Mission Focus month Organisation Purpose Website Link  
Jan Scripture Union Helping people engage with the Bible, and providing activities for children and young people, with resources and training   Scripture Union
Feb MK Bridgebuilder Trust Local Christian charity associated with Scripture Union, with team of schools workers and volunteers offering assemblies, classes and programmes such as Christmas Cracked, Easter Cracked and ‘It’s Your Move’ (for Year 6 children moving up to secondary school)   Bridge Builder
March Hope Outreach UK MK-based charity providing medical teams, care for orphans, training pastors in Sri Lanka   Hope Outreach
April Help for the homeless in MK, including:   Open Door (*) MK Soup Run (**)   (*) Day Centre at Salvation Army, Conniburrow and Queensway Methodist Church   (**) Delivery of soup and sandwiches (organised by local churches)   Open Door   Soup Run
May Christian Aid Development, aid and emergency aid worldwide Christian Aid
June World Vision Supporting Shamil (a schoolgirl in Malawi) and her community World Vision
July CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society) Anglican-based charity providing resources and training, with children’s and youth camps   Church Aid
Aug Christian Solidarity Worldwide Supporting Christians under pressure and persecution around the world   Christian Solidarity
Sept A Rocha UK Christian environmental charity – ‘Caring for God’s earth’   A Rocha
Oct Tearfund Christian relief and development agency, serving the world’s poor through targeted aid and development.   Tear Fund
Nov CMS (Church Mission Society) Support link with Tony & Katherine and family in South-East Asia   Church Mission
Dec Toybox MK-based charity helping street children in Central and South America.   Toy Box